Sunday, November 2, 2008

A young man and his Royal Enfield Indian

Brad Bird posted this picture on line as he recalled his 1959 Indian motorcycle. Motorcycles marketed by Indian in 1959 were made by Royal Enfield. The young "James Dean" and the big bad British twin packed so much attitude, I asked him about the picture. He replied:

"That was me back in 1971 . I got the Indian in trade for a 1969 Honda 90 that was in basket case condition. I got it from Gary Roe, who at the time was a high school student with me, but he came to own and build up the Hillsboro, Ore. Suzuki shop.

"The bike had bald knobbies on it, and you had to push start it , but it fired up first push. I didn't have a endorsement yet, but I took it to school, and got dared by Gary to chew up the school lawn with it. I took the dare and did a couple runs with it at lunch hour. Got caught and had to pay $25 for lawn repair and got suspended for10 days. But it was worth it.

"That bike handled great. I was only about 140 pounds and I could still throw that bike sideways, and made great rooster tails through the lawn.

"I ended up trading it for a '66 Honda 305 , and a 1964 Corvair. Picture was taken in Cornileus, Ore. in 1971."

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