Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wanted: A real Royal Enfield toy

The Royal Enfield tin motorcycle toy shown here doesn't exist. It is a photo of a different motorcycle toy I've doctored to look vaguely like a Royal Enfield Bullet. I wish I could buy a toy like this for my young cousin William, who just turned 2. He loves everything that goes "VROOOMM," especially motorcycles.

The Moto-Mini web site features pictures of a wide variety of great old motorcycle toys. It is a virtual museum of motorcycle toys and well worth a look, especially if, like me, your first motorcycle was a toy. You might find it listed. Unfortunately, the web site offers only a small number for sale. Most, like the ones shown here, are just something to dream about.

Are there Royal Enfield Bullet toys for sale in India? I wonder. With the holidays coming, I think there would be a ready market for them among Enfield fans here in the United States.


  1. Where will I get a royal enfield bike toy... Like... In real ???? :/

    1. Anonymous3/09/2014

      i have a collectors one
      1938 model diecast metal
      sony_cruise at

    2. Do u still have it??


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