Friday, October 31, 2008

New Royal Enfield owner rides with pride

Last for Four Parts

Josh Moore of Kansas chose a Royal Enfield Bullet as his first motorcycle. What's it like? He writes:

"Lately, I've been riding the bike to school, about 30 miles one way, and to work, about 15 miles one way, and have enjoyed the rides immensely. I can't go anywhere without people bombarding me with comments and questions.

"I work for an astronomical observatory, where my primary job is to work the telescopes and to give tours to the general public and to school groups of all ages, showing them the wonders of our universe through the eye of a telescope. It's a great job. One night, we had a group of about 75 high school students. I had my bike parked out front, and could hear kids saying 'Wow, COOL bike!' as they parked their cars and walked to the building.

"Later, in the telescope room, after showing them all sorts of fascinating galaxies, nebulae, planets, and star clusters, I received more questions about my bike than about anything I had shown them. Essentially, they were telling me that, to them, my bike was
pretty much the most fascinating thing in the entire Universe!

"On another day, I was riding my bike around town and to school, and went to a shopping strip where I was planning on picking up a face mask and some ear warmers. After parking my bike and going into one store, I came out to go to another, and there was this guy walking all over the place like he was looking for something. Or someone.

"He ended up spotting me and my riding gear, and came over to me. He told me that he'd been 'looking ALL OVER the place for the owner of that bike!' and continued talking to me for about half an hour about how amazing he thought it was, and how he'd love to have a bike like that.

"It's a great feeling knowing that so many people love the bike as much as I do.

"As a first-time bike owner, I don't think I could have made a better decision on my first bike. I also have a feeling, very strong and abiding, that I will be a life-long Enfield owner. I seriously cannot fathom owning any other bike in my life. I am just too in love with these.

"I don't mind the fact that these bikes aren't really for highway driving; I'm not much of a highway driver anyway. Even if I owned a motorcycle that would cruise quite easily at sustained 85-mph speeds, I really don't think I'd do too much highway driving on it.

"I much prefer cruising smoothly along on nice, picturesque back roads.

"I love how this bike has all sorts of little quirks; I love discovering them. This bike has so much personality and character, that it becomes difficult at times to convince myself it's only a machine. My girlfriend, Jasmine, loves it just as much as I do, and jumps at every opportunity to go on rides with me.

"She's planning on getting a bike of her own now, but I believe she's leaning more towards a new Sportster 883. I'm not really bummed out about that; she's a beautiful girl, and I'm more than content with the knowledge that I'm the person that won her heart, and that, two years later, it was my Bullet that made her fall in love all over again. They're just motorcycles, so it's not really like cheating, y'know?

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