Friday, October 17, 2008

India's reaction to new Royal Enfield: Yes!

Kevin Mahoney/Classic Motorworks

Reaction in India to Royal Enfield's new fuel-injected, left-shift, unit-construction Bullet Classic 500 is positive. To say the least. News accounts and blogs I've seen largely don't reflect any concern that the bike is abandoning its basic roots. And I have found little carping about the fact that the new model will go on sale in Europe before the home country gets it.

I suppose there is pride in the fact that India can produce a motorcycle to Euro III standards, and one that is capturing increasing attention around the world. For a change, the attention it is getting is based on modern features and revamped styling, instead of just the fact that the Bullet is old-fashioned -- its previous claim to world fame.

"Definitely the most beautiful ‘Bullet’ of our times," said the cubi[CC]apacity blog. It went on to say: "This is one Bullet which anyone would like to lay his/her hands on, even the most hardened of the brand’s critics, because just look at it: Its Beautiful! Thank you RE!"

The DWS Auto India blog said, "Royal Enfield has a launched a mouthwatering classic version of its legendary motorcycle the Bullet. It is amazing to look at - a real vintage motorcycle look, if you ask me.

"The front number plate, the logo, that classic green colour and 1950s looks. The new Bullet Classic 500 really looks like a post World War II motorcycle. Bullet lovers would be drooling, I am sure.

"So far there is no information on the expected price. We guess it would be close to Rs 1 lakh, but better to wait in case they throw us a surprise!"

You will have to translate this comment on their posting, but I gather it is positive:


The best stated complaint I've found is on the Hot Air Cold Love blog: "Yeah 'Made in India' but not for Indians. Well Eicher is not an Indian company and it owns the Enfield brand. But with all the benefits of our booming economy, the love for the cult brand and the stronghold of Enfield India factory that still survives all obstacles – why don’t Indians deserve this bike?"

The Rocking Team blog noted: "There is no idea about the launch of Bullet Classic 500 EFI in India. When it launches in India, then it will be one of the most powerful bikes in India."

India obviously can't wait to get its hands on the new Bullet. Just like the rest of the world.

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  1. Anonymous10/18/2008

    Hi David,

    That comment (which by the way is in Hindi) does not exactly lend itself easily to translation but what the guy meant to say was this bike would kick (anyones) butt on the road. Or something like that. :)



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