Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here it is, the new Royal Enfield Classic

Kevin Mahoney of Classic Motorworks is in Cologne, Germany for the unveiling of the new Royal Enfield Classic. He provided these pictures from the stand at the INTERMOT convention. His comments and more pictures are on the Classic Motorworks web site here.


  1. Anonymous10/07/2008


    Any word on the street on fit/finish and predicted reliability? Will it be able to compete with other retros like the Triumphs in that arena?



  2. Anonymous10/07/2008

    Hi David,

    to me there's not much difference between the old frame and this one. I guess this model was designed only to get the lovers of retro design from Europe and the USA on board the UCE-train.

    Regards, Johann

  3. Anonymous10/07/2008

    Thanks for posting the photos, David.

    I like the styling. It retains a solid connection with the previous model. However, for some undefinable reason the whole bike looked . . . chunkier . . . to me. I finally decided it's 90 percent the front fender, which is twice the size of the old one. Better coverage in inclement weather, I'm sure, but it does take away some of the-dare I say sporty? - look of the old one.

  4. The deeper valence on the front fender is part of the "more retro" styling. My guess is that the sportier fender will be a popular option and easy to fit.

  5. Anonymous10/07/2008

    Another styling distinction I believe I can see: On the new bike, the fuel tank looks significantly higher. A line drawn from the top of the rear fender straight forward goes under the tank; on photos of previous Classics it appears to bisect the lower third of the tank. This gives the new model a sort of HD Sportster profile, if you'll forgive the comparison.

    I wonder if this is real or my perception, and if real, if it's necessitated by the new engine.

    Still, a very good-looking motorbike.

  6. Anonymous10/08/2008

    Does anybody have any idea of when these will hit dealers? There doesn't seem to be lot of info on the website, but the pictures are awesome and I'd like to learn more

  7. Dear Anonymous, Royal Enfield has said the bikes will reach dealers in Europe in January 2009. Kevin Mahoney, of Classic Motorworks, the U.S. importer, says that America will get them after that. I imagine that one reason for this is that it is European standards that have forced the new cleaner engine. America can get along with the AVL engine for awhile yet but the European dealers need something to sell. All best.


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