Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dyno Dan won't let bad fall get him down

"Dyno" Dan Holmes rescued his sense of humor from the serious motorized bicycle accident he suffered Friday. Holmes sent an email to friends showing the same spirit he displayed while leading Royal Enfield to speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September. In his words:

"My wife received a phone call on Friday asking if she was at home and if she was alone, was she sitting down and then a young lady proceeded to tell Connie that her husband was in a motorcycle truck accident and has been air lifted to Fort Wayne, Ind. as he was T-boned and she should get there fast.

"Well sorta, like that. It never ceases to amaze me how often a guy can bust his ass without really trying. I was out joy riding on my Chinese whizzer and a couple of kids pulled up along side of me while I was tooling down a country road and they eyeballed me and my rig, gave me the thumbs up, crowded me a little unintentionally forcing me to ride in the horse tracks on a downhill grade at about 25 mph.

"This resulted in a lot of bumps and vibration in the basically unsuspended frame of the little 24-inch Huffy. Well the front fender has a little chrome stamped steal support bracket clamped with a 6mm bolt and it is almost fragile. Long story short the front fender mount broke and the tire grabbed the fender and wrapped it around the front axle two and half times in nano seconds and caved the front wheel in.

"This created a square wheel and slapped my Ass over the front handlebars and jetted me into the asphalt. All for the entertainment of a Amish man in a buggy that I had just recently passed. Well the kids, no doubt scared, just kept booking and it was not their fault anyways. I went from joy riding on a bicycle to next thing I remember is flying in a helicopter. I was unhappy that I was strapped to a board and could not see anything.

"I have been released from the hospital and my official diagnosis at this time is: two broken ribs, one broken collarbone , one fractured cheek bone, seven stitches above my eyelid, four stitches behind my ear, abrasions , contusions , bruises and general irritability. I have hurts internally where I did not know I had places.

"My dad and I have often lamented the fact that you do not have to try and bust your Ass, more than enough opportunities come along everyday without trying. My wife has been a real trooper. I am really incapacitated while my left arm is in a sling. She is picking up the slack and not complaining.

"I cannot believe sometimes how something so small and so simple can cause so much grief. I am really lucky under the circumstances and while I looked like death warmed over for the first few days I am fairing pretty well. The truck and I never made contact that I know of and I do not remember the crash. I figured out the fender thing by looking at it.

"Dyno Dan

"P.S. I am continuing research and development on the whizzer racing team and I think this warrants a upgrade on the fender mounting hardware. I find out next week if I will require surgery for the partially torn rotator cuff. UGGGH"

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