Friday, September 26, 2008

Royal Enfield's new bike still under wraps

This drawing "floating around" the Internet isn't the new Bullet Royal Enfield will unveil in October.

The lovely artist's conception of a "more retro" looking motorcycle with a more modern unit engine in it was found by Johann Franz and posted on the Royal Enfield Yahoo message board. I'm now told this isn't the bike Royal Enfield will unveil at INTERMOT, in Cologne, Germany, in October.

This was an early conception of the new design. Seeing it certainly increases the excitement, doesn't it?

I'm also told "not to expect a race like frame" on the real bike. Testing determined that the original frame was OK but would be improved by making it less flexible, especially in the rear. This led to a frame re-design in Italy. "At the end of the day it is meant to be a simple, economical, beautiful and practical bike-- all that you need in a motorcycle -- and nothing more."

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