Thursday, September 4, 2008

Royal Enfield chopper was really special

A startling Royal Enfield chopper from the late 1960s was documented recently by "Stretch" on his information-packed motorcycle blog. Stretch tracked the machine through two variations on the pages and covers of period magazines.

He theorizes that the bike was built for show and later set up for street use.

"Show bikes are built from almost anything , but a Royal Enfield?" That's how author Tom McMullen began one article, in a Cycle Guide magazine of the time. He described how A.E.E. Choppers and Master Machine, both of Buena Park, Calif., built the chopper from a 1958 Royal Enfield frame.

According to McMullen, the bike was built in three weeks to meet a show deadline. The custom front end used a wheel and tire from a horse-drawn sulky. The swing-arm was retained, but extended four inches. The motor and transmission are from a Royal Enfield twin.

Stretch says the picture above comes from the 1972 Chopper Cycle children's book by Ed Radlauer. It shows the machine with real handlebar controls. The picture below is from the Cycle Guide article and depicts the motorcycle in its show days. Stretch thinks the bike's custom controls were not hooked up at this point.

Where is it now?


  1. Anonymous3/11/2011

    Tom McMullen built that bike...he and his wife Rose were the owners of AEE choppers. Take a minute to verify your info once in awhile, this is an easy one.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I read the article by Tom McMullen completely without realizing that he was writing about his own operation. You can read it for yourself on Stretch's blog Nostalgia on Wheels. Be sure to scroll ALL the way down to the article and then click on the magazine page to enlarge it. Check these links for yet more history of McMullen and A.E.E Choppers.

  3. Thank you for the posting on this chopper! I love the detail, as well as it not being a dime a dozen Harley!


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