Thursday, September 18, 2008

Royal Enfield beats the Big City blues

Riding a Royal Enfield in New York City (it's their only motor vehicle) is an adventure for Andrew and Megha Park. Attitude is always an important element in life, and they and "Enfie," their Bullet 65, seem to ride on the sunny side of the street.

But the whole truth is that the Big City does present challenges. Andrew elaborates:

"Problem about having a nice bike in the city is parking it on the street and worrying about getting it knocked over, as everything is parallel parking! Finding a parking place is easy though. Sometimes I park it up on the sidewalk. I've gotten a ticket once for that. I've also gotten tickets in the city for wearing a police helmet (I'm not a cop), and a helmet that wasn't "appropriate for riding.

"The only trouble I had with my bike is once a guy backed into it and knocked it onto its side. I've been fortunate otherwise. I keep it locked with the largest chain, wrapped around the back seat/back tire when it's parked. I also have it out all winter. Never know when I'm going to get the chance to ride it when the snow clears!

"My wife and I mostly ride around the city, but for one year I did ride often to work in the Bronx. It became easier and safer to just take the train when we moved to Tudor City."

It's always great to hear of an Enfield that lives its life in the real world instead of a garage.


  1. Anonymous9/18/2008

  2. Thank you, anonymous, for that YouTube video of women riding Royal Enfield motorcycles in India. They look good and ride good too. But, anonymous, why not leave your name?

  3. sorry david.. It's me J.
    The guy who mentioned about royal enfield sales figures in India
    Left the link in a hurry for ur perusal.
    And I was actually busy promoting ur blog on facebook and stumble.
    I hope there has been a spike in website views.

  4. ...and i can't believe i forgot to mention Vardenci to you earlier. The 'Stealth' was covered by our Bike India magazine in July.

  5. Thank you j. India in general is so far ahead of the rest of the world on Royal Enfields. Also, on the Internet and in the media. Our news outlets are in decline. I feel lucky that being interested in Royal Enfields has exposed me to so much good thinking in India.


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