Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Royal Enfield and bruised rider press on

Gordon May crashed his 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet in Pakistan but the battered motorcycle and its bruised rider press on toward India. May describes the crash in his almost daily Internet log of the journey, and you can follow along by clicking on the map icons on this page.

May expresses surprise that the Bullet continues to run despite damage, the loss of repair parts and spares, the heavy load and terrible roads. The heat and sandstorms that have punished the rider seem to have little effect on the motorcycle.

Despite the challenges, May not only has some of his sense of humor left but continues to appreciate the friendliness of those he meets along the way. After the crash he repairs the bike and presses on through terrible conditions because he knows he must not stay on the road after dark for fear of bandits. But when he reaches his destination, the hotel is closed for renovations.

But this entry has a surprisingly happy ending, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

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