Friday, September 19, 2008

Bunty's banner still flies (sort of)

Royal Enfield's greatest fictional personality lives on. Maj. Bertram "Bunty" Golightly, retired British Army officer, country gentleman and, now, released prison inmate, continues to post from time to time on the Internet.

I did a series of posts here lamenting the amusing major's disappearance from the Royal Enfield Yahoo message board in 2005. I noted that he went on to post for awhile on another Yahoo board, then disappeared from there. I didn't know that Bunty's outrageous tales of shooting tax collectors, chasing women and patronizing pubs resumed on that site in February, 2008. There is now a post on the Yahoo Bullet-Mania site from March 14, 2008, but that is the latest I saw.

The Bullet-Mania site requires membership but, once you have that, you can search its archives for "Bunty" and catch up the major's antics to that point, at least. Here's his "explanation" of where he disappeared to:

"Haven't posted for a while don't yer know , felt an awful fraud — don't yer know, haven't a Bullet to me name, bloody bailiffs took Bunty's old banger — frightful 'to do' with the tax inspector (dreadful guttersnipe) — should have shot him like the last one — quite so! Anyway chums, Bunty's been let out of clink and is now a free man, looking to find me old retainers and get reinstalled in Blotto Hall. Have to find Ballsack and find out where he buried the family silver — eh what? Haar haaar haaaaaaaaaar! Bottoms Up! Your Servant Bertram Golightly Maj, REOC and bar (preferably the bar)"

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