Friday, August 29, 2008

Use caution choosing a used Royal Enfield

Buyer beware. I've begun including on this blog interesting Royal Enfield motorcycles offered for sale around the United States. Click on the picture and you'll be linked to the original ad. I have no connection with these sellers. Their ads strike me as honest and I hope they are. It's fun to see what's out there and at what price, isn't it?

Hunting through ads has been a bit frightening. There are problems for sale and you should avoid them. Let me give you some examples of ads I have NOT added to this blog.

"Indian import Enfield Bullet 500. Cannot be registered in Canada, so I am selling the parts for cheap prices. 200 km on the motorcycle, parts are in good shape. I've been taking apart the bike and would like to sell them if possible. Contact me for prices, but as a reference frame I will sell the parts for half of what is listed on this website (here he includes a link to Classic Motorworks, the legitimate importer)."

Wow. Sounds like somebody shipped a motorcycle into Canada, maybe part-by-part and now doesn't dare put it together. You'll save money on his parts, but what if they don't interchange with your bike? Here's another one (shown at top and in detail below):

"1957 Royal Enfield Package LOWERED AGAIN - $1800 Royal Enfield Package. Started at $3500 reduced to $2000. Big loss. Nice bike but I have no time or funds for her. My loss your gain. Tons spares worth big bucks. Bike fired over no problems. Many additional upgrades to list."

Sounds terrific, doesn't it? Especially when you see the picture, which shows a highly polished Bullet with custom tank and single seat. This is a lovely bike for only $1,800. But, as a previous listing makes clear, this is a custom bike brought in from India by a private party. The seller makes no mention of having a title.

Finally, there is this one which, again, shows a very pretty motorcycle. The seller admits that it has paperwork complications:

"This bike is 2007 Royal Enfield. I bought this bike in India and had shipped over here, It is 350cc five speed and kick start. I have all the original paper work for it and needs to be transferred here. I didn't transfer them cause I don't have any time to do it. I spent over 5000.00 dollars on it. It only have few miles on it. It just been sitting in my garage...need to sell it fast."

This seller is only asking $3,500, a real bargain. If you hurry, you can make all of his headaches yours.

Buyer beware.


  1. Anonymous10/07/2010

    The top cafe racer style Enfield was and delivered by an agent called Nova Classics to Ohio. Its not 1952 as mentioned in here, it was in late nineties. As far as I know its not for sale any by current owner.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Selling a bike piece by piece smells like robbery to me...

  3. Anonymous3/29/2012

    Its amusing to see Blogs like these and many others using words like "frightening". "losses""cannot register"","import horrors"", ""india"",""titles"" , when referring to Enfield from India thru agents like Nova Classics. It all seems to discourage to hunt on your own and go to some local dealer and ""buy"" expensive peace of mind for something which is not even close to a classic. As a matter of fact its entirely the oposite of what is being presented, its a simple process and without titles, vin, year and stuff it wont even make it in here, there is something called CBP and they do a great job, infact when you claim your bike, you will be surprised how less papers are needed and all are in place already. All you need to do actually is to sign a few docs during whole process. You have to give the credit to agents like Nova who deliver despite all odds.Cheers.

  4. Sounds like "my loss, your gain."

    Yeah. I lose the headache, and you gain it.


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