Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Royal Enfield down, the incredible conclusion

CJay Heff's conclusion to his riveting account of the crash of his Royal Enfield Bullet 612 is on the Royal Enfield Yahoo Message Board now, along with many pictures. In his words:

"I would have to attribute the fact that there was so little damage to, well first Divine intervention, but then to that little thing that looks like a bar end weight on the right handle bar (shown). What it really is is a neat helmet lock. The thing is, it rotates very freely. It served as a little caster wheel and kept the bar from digging in..."

"The scrape marks on the brake lever line up perfectly with those on the headlight. If one places a flat piece of cardboard along those ground down flats to represent the road surface it becomes apparent that the bike at some point was in a near vertical upside down position."

If you missed the first three parts of his story, they are here: Part I, Part II, Part III.

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