Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Crash of a Royal Enfield 612

CJay Heff tells the chilling story of crashing his beloved Royal Enfield Bullet 612 (seen above before the crash) near Manassas, Va. The two-part story of what caused him to fall, his rescue and his suprisingly more cheerful views on life since the crash appear here and here on the Yahoo Royal Enfield message board.

An excerpt:

"I do not remember the rest of the slide or the bike and me coming to a stop but I did know that none of my big parts fell off, nothing felt broken (except my cheek), I could see things (at least from one eye) and did not have any difficulty breathing.

"As many who watch motorcycle racing know, as long as you are reasonably fit and do not hit anything solid, going down on a motorcycle, even on a hard surface at speed, is normally not a life threatening situation.

"Crawling around while badly dazed on your hands and knees on the four east bound lanes of I-66 at the beginning of rush hour however probably has about a 98% fatality rate and that is where I was now."

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