Friday, August 8, 2008

A beer to match the Royal Enfield Bullet

I've said before that no one ever asks what kind of beer we have at the Three Down bar. Over the years, however, I have had to assure visitors from time to time that, "No, it's not Schlitz."

Schlitz Beer helped pay for the sign at the corner of the building, years ago. We haven't changed the sign but we haven't served Schiltz in a long time. That's too bad because it was the world's best selling beer from 1903 until Prohibition, and it reclaimed its spot at the "head" of the industry in 1934.

Lately it was hard to find and, second, it wasn't very good anymore.

But that is supposed to be changing now, and I'm delighted. According to the Associated Press, new owners are bringing it back and using a formula that will taste as good as ever.

If so, we'll try to get it for the Three Down. A Royal Enfield bar ought to have a beer that is back and better than ever. Or would you rather have Coors Lite? Leave a comment here.


  1. Anonymous5/22/2010

    I imagine the Three Down serving a fine brown ale.
    I really enjoyed the story...

  2. Krishna Sampath10/28/2010

    Or a nice cask ale. "Pint of bitter, please."

    Thanks for the story.

  3. Petey-Pie6/16/2014

    McEwans Strong Ale, Please! A Real Ale, at least!


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