Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8,000 miles by antique Royal Enfield

Author Gordon May, founder and editor of the Bullet-In magazine and author of four books about Royal Enfield motorcycles is only a few days away from beginning an 8,000-mile journey.
He will ride a 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet from Manchester, UK to Chennai, India, through Europe, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. His journey will end at the Royal Enfield factory in Chennai.

The motorcycle is one he kept in his office for two years as a conversation piece and it had not been started for decades before he fired it up July 15. Much modified and fitted with the best parts, it nonetheless faces an awesome task.

"My aim is to provide useful information to those of you who are interested in preparing any motorcycle, but especially a classic, for long- distance travel," he writes.

His website contains detailed description of modifications to the Bullet, the gear he plans to bring and link to his travel blog.

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