Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Royal Enfield rider counts thumps with health monitor

Is your Royal Enfield motorcycle an exercise machine?
Who saw this one coming? A user of a personal activity monitor (to count his steps) has noticed that the device counts the thumps as he rides his Royal Enfield!

"Vivek" wrote on an online forum:

"I noticed it today, maybe because the bike vibrates a lot, while riding my Royal Enfield (my) Misfit was counting the vibrates as steps. Does anyone else have this issue with Misfit? What are the other apps I can play around with to see if this happens with all of them?"

The Misfit website specifically says its monitor will count the number of times you pedal a bicycle. So it is pretty sensitive.

Vivek seems to consider this a problem, but I think some Royal Enfield owners will consider it a badge of honor.

I see it as just one more bit of evidence in the ongoing discussion: Does Riding a Royal Enfield Help You Lose Weight?

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