Monday, August 24, 2009

'Tank Girl' rides a Royal Enfield Military

There's an admirer of Royal Enfield motorcycles who is sleepless in Seattle tonight, dreaming of a girl he may never meet again.

She sounds like a real heart breaker. Or, maybe, more like Rosie the Riveter. Whoever this woman is, she rides a Royal Enfield Military model motorcycle.

Here's the personal ad the fellow placed on CraigsList in the Seattle-Tacoma, Wash. area:

"Saw you at BackfireMoto in Ballard last night. I think you caught me staring a little too long, maybe you didn't notice. I happened to notice that you left on one of the bikes I liked most at the event — a Military Royal Enfield with 'Tank Girl' painted on it. Write to me, at least let me introduce myself. I was wearing a bright yellow shirt and black cargo pants."

The only signature the fellow put on the add was "m4w", which I am told is CraigsList code meaning "Male For Women." In other words, he is a heterosexual male.

''Tank Girl'' rider, are you out there? Check your local CraigsList for personals under "missed connections" for a "Reply to This Message" button.

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