Friday, February 27, 2009

Where was the Redditch factory?

Where exactly was the Royal Enfield factory in Redditch, England, and what, if anything, is left of it? Jorge Pullin asks that question on his blog, My Royal Enfields, and he goes to the trouble to try to track the answer down using Google Earth.

According to the circa-1940s Royal Enfield ad copy shown above, the factory was a considerable place: covering 25 acres and employing 1,000 workers. I have read that the location was taken over for modern roadways but more than that I do not know.

Thousands in the UK probably know the answer to this off the top of their heads, and could even sketch the factory location on a map for us. So far, poking around on the Internet in my home here in the U.S., I haven't found the answer.


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