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Will your Royal Enfield Bullet start on the first kick? Not if someone is watching. This chart gives you the relative odds of impressing your kid, your wife or some random attractive person. Learn the reason why this is true.

The Enfield Girl was a real person. Over the years she got a haircut and a new skirt. But there is no doubt that the pin-up girl astride the Royal Enfield motorcycle in the Royal Enfield advertisement was originally the girl in the Gil Elvgren painting Final Touch. Read more and see the various poses she tried.

Maj. Bunty Golightly, the greatest ever Royal Enfield personality (even if he was fictional) insulted everyone. The good major was a racist, an imperialist, a sexist and a motorcyclist. He charmed and infuriated you in the same sentence. His loyalty to Royal Enfields, though, was sincere and emphatic. Bunty's postings began appearing on the Royal Enfield Yahoo message board in August, 2000. Since then, the Mad Major has come and gone, but his identity, so far as I know, has never been revealed. Savor his rantings and read what happened when I asked for his picture.

Royal Enfield soap opera: When I started this blog, it was as a fictional account of an imaginary bar I called the Three Down. Located somewhere in the United States, the Three Down was patronized by lovers of Royal Enfield motorcycles. The name was inspired by the way the gears worked in Royal Enfield's Albion transmission. The drama revolved around tensions in the bar that mirrored the flame wars that used to happen on Yahoo message groups devoted to the brand. Read it at these links:

Chapter 1: The Royal Enfield motorcycle
Chapter 2: Royal Enfield for King and Country
Chapter 3: One for All
Chapter 4: Made Like a Gun
Chapter 5: Up in Arms
Chapter 6: Bar etiquette
Chapter 7: A riddle
Chapter 8: Answer to the riddle
Chapter 9: A beer to match Royal Enfield

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