Friday, February 17, 2012

Cheers! Royal Enfield inspires great beer labels

There's no better beer than a Royal Enfield.
Make mine a Royal Enfield!

When I go to the refrigerator now I can choose from:

Maj. Bunty Ale ("Brewed in Chennai").
War Time Best Bitter ("Made Like a Gun")
Flying Flea IPA ("Brewed Like a Gun")
Royal Enfield Oil Spill IPA
Royal Enfield Rocker Stout
Or, my current favorite, Pilot Light Pilsner

These choice beers came as a Christmas gift from my daughter Anna. Each has a colorful label evoking the joys of riding a Royal Enfield (perhaps not so much with the Oil Spill IPA). I consume them in an "official" Royal Enfield beer glass presented to me by daughter Erin on an earlier occasion.

Which Royal Enfield beer to choose? Luckily they all taste the same!
Would the Mad Major "Bunty" Golightly approve of the taste of Maj. Bunty Ale?

That depends on whether he enjoys Yuengling Traditional Lager. Each of the six beers Anna gifted me with tastes exactly like Yuengling Traditional Lager.

It's a case of badge engineering: her mother soaked the labels off a six-pack of Yuengling and Anna applied her label designs and gift wrapping.

You can make your own beer labels online at Beer Labelizer or Labeley.

This is the point at which you'd expect me to say "it's easy!" It's not. The web sites work well, but my efforts produced nothing nearly as neat as Anna produced.

Look at the time! Believe I'll crack open a Flying Flea IPA.

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