Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can you identify this mystery motorcycle?

It's not a Royal Enfield (I don't think) but the motorcycle shown in these pictures really is a beauty — or once was.

Enzo from Argentina emailed me these pictures, asking if I could identify this V-twin motorcycle by make, model and year of production.

I certainly couldn't but maybe one of you readers can. My guess is that it's British and very old. The tin cover on the primary drive and the pedestrian slicer license plate holder suggest Britain. Girder forks and hard tail suggest it's old.

The tank is very elaborate, with several caps and openings. This must have been a powerful and expensive machine it its day.

Enzo doesn't say where he found the motorcycle or whether it's for sale. It has a picturesque resting spot in what looks like an old shop/shed.

A really beautiful sidecar is there, too, collecting dust.

What do you think?

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