Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's your excuse for not riding today?

What's your excuse for not riding your motorcycle today?

You'd think I would have no difficulty getting out for a ride here in sunny Florida. Glorious weather abounds. But my Royal Enfield Bullet remains in the garage.

"You're not riding your motorcycle enough," my wife commented the other day. Perhaps she has noticed my mood is less optimistic, less joyful. For me, it's not "the economy stupid." The problem is that I haven't had a cobweb clearing ride in weeks.

Or, maybe, more ominously, she means that a motorcycle sitting under wraps in the garage is not earning its keep. Kind of like a husband who hasn't worked since last July? I don't think she means that.

But, just to be certain, I dove under the kitchen sink Sunday morning. The water supply line had burst Saturday evening, just minutes before a guest arrived for dinner. Time to earn my keep.

My household plumbing is every bit as reliable as my Bullet. Just as the motorcycle sits parked above pans to catch oil drips, a variety of cups and bowls rest under the sinks to catch water. But a burst line was too serious to ignore so I got out my wrenches. Owning a motorcycle, I have a fairly nice collection of wrenches.

I would ride the Royal Enfield Monday, I promised. No more excuses!

Monday morning a dump truck deposited what I'd guess is a ton-and-a-half of mulch on my driveway, in front of the garage, for a long deferred landscaping project.

Luckily, being a blogger, I have a fairly nice collection of shovels.

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