Sunday, April 12, 2009

For sale: Pretty 1967 Enfield Interceptor

"You are looking at a very rare and sought after bike." Those words and the lovely pictures of a 1967 Interceptor were all it took to draw my attention to an ad on eBay. The motorcycle is for sale in La Pine, Ore. La Pine is a small place in the center of the state, surrounded by national forests. Eugene appears to be the closest city.

The seller says the Interceptor has only 2,280 miles on it (although he notes that the gauges aren't working). He adds:

"This bike was restored in the '80s and has had very little use since. It is one of approximately 700 built and is No. 389. It runs as good as it looks and is complete and correct. The only thing that isn't on the bike is the velocity stacks on the carbs and I have those along with lots of documentation and some spare parts. The gauges are not working but replacements are available for a reasonable price.

"It does show a little wear but considering its age it is very very nice. It is titled as a '68 but the numbers say it was built in '67. There isn't any difference."

The Interceptor was created with the American market in mind and, at times, none were sold in Britain so that production could go almost entirely to the United States. There the demand for high sustained speeds could best be met with engine capacity. The Interceptor offered a nominal 750cc, a step up from the 700cc motor of the Royal Enfield Constellation from which it derived.
According to my source material, the 1967-'68 Series I Interceptor was the last of a great breed. In late 1968 would come the Series II Interceptor, with a wet-sump engine. It was close to the end now for Royal Enfield in England although the Series II Interceptor would continue in production as the game played out under different owners.
Sad as that might be, the Interceptors made a stirring and classy end to great story.

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